Plan Your Trip

“A steep, winding road leads to a place of rugged beauty: Mineral King Valley. At 7800 feet (2375 m), it’s the highest place you can go in these parks by vehicle. The Mineral King subalpine valley consists of both dense forests of pine, sequoia, and fir and colorful granite and shale landscapes.

Mineral King Trails are an excellent way to explore the area, with options that range from the one-mile Cold Springs Nature Loop to wilderness trails that traverse the eastern areas of Sequoia National Park. At Mineral King Ranger Station, get information, trail recommendations, maps, local wilderness permits, first aid, and bear canisters. Wilderness permits are available on the porch of the station when it is closed.

Mineral King is accessed by a 25 mile, steep, winding road open late May through October, weather permitting. RVs and trailers are not recommended. Be prepared; there is no gasoline or electricity in this remote area. This area, at 7,500 to 14,000 feet elevation, is characterized by warm days and chilly nights in summer. In spring and fall, be prepared for freezing temperatures and the possibility of snow. Two seasonal campgrounds are for tent camping only.

Silver City Mountain Resort has lodging that includes chalets and rustic cabins, a small market with limited supplies, showers, and restaurant that is popular for its selection of pie. There is no ice or gasoline. It’s on Mineral King road, 3 miles west of the ranger station.

Marmots are active here and precautions are recommended to protect your vehicle from damage, especially in spring and early summer.”